Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Secrets of Women ~

1. When sorang women say he is ill, but he did not shed any tears, it means that she was crying in her heart. 

4. If sorang sorang woman fall in love with the man, the man will always have in mind even when he is out with another man. 
5. When the man she loves and love staring into his eyes sharp, he'll melt like chocolate!2. If he does not bother you after you hurt her, you better give him time to calm down again before you accost her with the word sorry. 
3. Women hard to find things I hate about him the most love him (because it broke the hearts of many women when the relationship is broken in the middle of the road).
6. Women love compliments, but do not know how often I receive compliments. 
8. If a girl started to shy away from you after you push her, let her to seketika.Sekiranya you still want to consider him a friend, try to gently scolds him. 

11. Being too serious can turn off the mood of women. 
9. Women love to express what they rasa.Muzik, poetry, painting and writing is the best way they express their hearts. 
10. Do not tell my girls that they are not directly useful.7. If you do not like the girl who loves you half to death, push her gently, not aggression, because there is a spirit inside of you women will not know if he already decided he will do anything. 
13. Sekuntum smiles to a thousand means of wanita.Jadi do not smile anything. 
14. If you like sorang women, try to let him start with persahabatan.Kemudian better recognize.
15. If sorang thousand women give a reason each time you call out, leave him because he was not interested in you. 
16. But if at the same time he contact you or wait for a call from you, keep your arm to memikatnya. 
17. Do not consider what she dirasakannya.Tanya!12. When the first time in a quiet man who loved to give a positive response, such as contact by telephone, the girl would be indifferent as if not interested, but just as good as the algae is laid, she will scream, joy and not until ten minit, all movement-rakannya will know the news. 

18. After sorang girl fall in love, he will often wondered kenapalah I do not see this man earlier. 
19. If you are looking the most romantic way to win hearts sorang girl, try hard-rajinkan hand menyelak love books. 
20. When class pictures come out each time, the first thing sought by the woman who was standing next to your baby, and then himself. 

23. Just a good friend who knew what he was feeling and going through. 
21. Former boyfriend will stand in his mind, but now men love to be in that particular place in his heart! 
22. A greeting 'Hi' just enough cheer to the day.
26. All women want a man who loves them sorang wholeheartedly .. 
27. Weapons of women are tears!24. Most women hate men who befriend them just want to tackle their most beautiful friends. 
25. Love means devotion, care, honesty and happiness without any compromise. 

28. Women like the occasional person who loves make surprise buatnya (gifts, flowers or just a romantic greeting card). They will feel overwhelmed and feel that he sincerely loved this hati.Dengan he will not doubt you. 
29. Women easily fall in love for the man who took good care of them and terhadapnya.So, if you want to win the women's good-pandailah ... 
30. Actually simple romance because what he wants to feel loved and be loved is a full life