Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Color clearly has many definitions. Color is able to reveal personal character person.
If you want to know the personal nature of your friends, love com dik, you only need to know the favorite color only. 
RED-your friend has a rough character. But he also has a cheerful personality and glamor. 
BLUE-Si he is a gentle and romantic. Easy pardon others. 
BLACK-The black one is loving and good save but weak in secret promises. Although he's the kind of loving it. 
WHITE-person is quiet and reliable. 
GREEN-Si: He was like an art. Appetite is high, but you must remember the strength he was jealous. Clever, you pandailah arrangement. 

YELLOW-dik .... Here's her secret is not very strong hold. Si he enjoys daydreaming. But do not worry. Si he still menyayangimu. What can be proud of, her having a good attitude, and courteous to everyone only. 
Purple-Oh ....... If luck is you have a friend who loves the color purple. They always feel proud of yourself and the fun does not agree with the opinions of others. But he has the determination to achieve a higher desired.