Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Represent fragrance personality

Represent fragrance personality
There are six categories of fragrance that reflects the personality of the wearer: -
Flowers: - With the aroma of fragrant flowers that will show yourselves more feminine and romantic.
: - Smells of fresh fruit aromas show yourself fresh and motivated.
Oceanic: - Perfumes modern use of synthetic elements that produce odor that led to the ocean and the people who love the smell of the individuals belonging to such a loving environment.
NATURAL greens: - Providing freshness and energy, so this scent is an individual who represents you love the outdoors!
: - Sexy, exotic, and determined that the definition may be able to describe individuals who prefer this kind of odor, the smell like Musk, vanilla and the smell of flowers a hard fall in this category.
Timber: - fragrance with odor elements such as bark, moss or other things that you can find in the forest are included in this category. Obviously people who love this smell, they love freedom and they may also consist of individuals who are quite hardy.