Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Secret Behind the T-shirt

atest Dear Or Personality Rock Group
Did you know that the painting on T-shirts that you wear day-to-day contains the secrets behind this? In normal you or to love-love. But for that view, it is not directly translate your real or personal image. But all is not one hundred percent correct. If any, regard it as a coincidence.
Photos of Interesting Sites and Unique
You like to wear T-shirts that reflect the places of interests such as the KLCC towers, bridges, Penang, Kuala Terengganu. This shows that you prefer the adventure travel activities. In addition you have also translated the personal courage and firm. In accordance with the favorites like traveling, you do not like to live in a place in time. You are also a very active and can not sit still.
Already menjad common for teenagers wearing T-shirts with pictures of popular artists personality or whether from within or outside the country such as Limp Bizkit, NSYNC, etc. XPDC. You portrayed as someone who likes to hang out with certain groups only. You have had no fear or care what others think about you. If you prefer to wear T-shirts with pictures heavymetal, you are a naughty and rebellious. You proud with this attitude. If you like the popular new group photo, it shows you love something new.Others also if you like the personality of the famous picture shows you a proud arrogant and occasionally erratic.
Ad Image
This reflects you a warm and friendly tools. In everyday life, the one that you are too fussy and behati care especially in terms of finance and spending. It's no exaggeration to say that you are a stingy person. On the question of fashion, you are a simple and does not like the colors flash brilliance. Do not upset if you translate some as a anachronistic.
Latest phones and Device Business
A person wearing that shirt or a lambing business logo, you are considered an arrogant or like show-off to others in many respects. You are also very concerned about the status and the very voters, especially in choosing a friend to hang out. However, the positive nature of the embedded well you actually very polite and like helping, but others around you immediately.
Latest College or University
If you're a college student, shows you really appreciate your college. Sesuailah if you are a college student because it indicates a very appreciate your knowledge. You also really appreciate the status and social status.
Drawing Hands
You are described as belonging to the people who are concerned about home and family. You were a very artistic, friendly and loves attention. In fact you have high taste and do not like secrecy.

Photos With Neon Color

You really want to be the focus. You always want people around to take care of yourself. Individuals who like to wear this T-shirt depicted a lot of talking, jovial fellow, popular and always want to be the focus. Friends around you are most needed you. But be careful. Do not you have tried to take advantage of you

Written with words or Cartoon Brands
You are described as a generous and always willing to help those most in need. You do not know how to keep secrets and frequently open. You also really love the world of entertainment, always trying to give pleasure to others and love to study the life of happiness. In terms of interaction, and jokingly asked you love jokes. It is not easy to take heart or sulk.
The Tight T-Shirt
You hate hypocritical attitude. You are an emotional but not affected in any way. What is seen is actually concerned about the comfort and peace in your life.
Blank T-shirt
If you like wearing T shirts of this type, you are always depicted as a thirst for praise from others, an out-going and choosing a life of happy go lucky. You rarely show you the actual image. However, in the course of work you prefer to do properly.

You loose T shirt and Tear
If you prefer blank T shirt without any decoration or light-colored picture, it shows you like to be alone and secretive. Whatever secret for you, only you alone know. However, your attitude is very open and always receive criticism from anyone. You are being a bit behind and more like home memerap