Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Knowing Nature Through Your Blood Type

This is the type of leader. When i see something I like, org with blood group will try to achieve this. You can also include trend-sitter, loyal, have high power struggle and a strong self-confidence. Your weaknesses are easily jealous, arrogant and quite likely very competitive.
You like harmony, peace and organization. Can work out well with another org, sensitive, patient and attentive. But your weakness is not able to do something hard with a relaxed and tend to head ..
Other blood types can be a guide for determining the diet's right, it appears to be the character and personality meneropong seseorg. The study I conducted in Japan terhdp some blood types, there are certain character's blood type is said to-relational org. You can see for yourself whether you have the compatibility and specific characteristics based on a review below:
You have a habit of hard and individualis, like the straight forward without considering the other org and do all things with his own way. But also creative and flexible and can easily adapt with the situation. But your weakness I have is likely too independent, I can lose ..
Cool and controlled, why not surprise you as a friend Rina share stories, especially the business sense and heart. You were born for entertaining other natural org. Unfortunately you tend to Moody and difficult decisions, can sometimes offend others.