Wednesday, June 2, 2010

secrets of the moon birth

Ambitious and serious people, like education and the educated, very easy to see the weaknesses of people and love to criticize, hard-working, and each made visible gains, like the smart, neat and orderly, sensitive, deep thinking, good at taking other heart org, quiet unless stimulated, somewhat shy, a very high concentration, easy to discipline themselves, their bodies healthy, but prone to colds, Romantic but not good at being displayed, simply love children, love to sit at home, faithful in all things, need to learn social skills, jealousy is very high.


    Abstract thinking, things like reality and abstract, Intelligent, smart and genius, personality  
easy change, easy capture of others, rather quiet, shy and humble, honest and faithful in all, tough-minded to achieve the goal, not like the controlled, easy to rebel, when controlled, like outdoor activities, emotions are very sensitive and easily hurt, easily Showing fury, do not like frivolous things, like friends, but not display, very brave and rebellious, ambitious and like to daydream, it hopes to realize his dream, sharp observation, like entertainment and sports, things like the nature of art, very romantic, but not in the internal externaltendency on the superstition thing, very simple and can be very wasteful, have to learn to show emotions


Interesting and attractive personality, who was accompanied by simple, very shy and damping felt very good in nature, honest, generous and sympathetic simple, very sensitive to the words spoken and the environment, like peace, is very sensitive to others, according to career providing service to others, not quick-tempered and very honest and know to know response reminded sole discretion, the observation and evaluation of a very sharp, the tendency to bear a grudge if not controlled, like the fancy, like traveling, very spoiled and loves attention very high, panic in choosing partners, like the household furnishings,have artistic talents in music, the tendency to associate special and good, not too moody.


Very active and dynamic, fast acting, but quickly regretted the decision was very interesting and clever pamper yourself, have a very strong mental power, like to be considered, very diplomatic (smoothie) and friends, good at solving problems for others, very brave, and no feelings of fear, love adventure, affectionate, caring, well-mannered and generous, emotionally disturbed quickly, trying to control emotions, the tendency is revenge, aggression, panic to make decisions, strong memory, intuition is very strong, smart drive themselves and motivate others sick around the head and chest, very jealous and very jealous.Tough-minded and stubborn, strong and motivated spirit, mind sharp, easily annoyed when not controlled, smooth impress others and attract attention, very deep feelings, beautiful in terms of mental and physical, need not be motivated, but easily fixed position influenced by others, easily persuaded, be systematic (left brain), like the chestnut, a strong force of feeling, to understand what comes to the hearts of others without, the ears and neck prone to disease, high imagination, permikiran sharp, good debate, good physical condition, respiratory weakness, like literature,art and music and travel, not really like sitting at home, can not sit still, do not have many children, hardworking and passionate, a bit extravagant.


Much thought and vision, easily captured as a good attitude, gentle disposition, easy to change attitudes, behavior, ideas and moodidea too much on the head, is sensitive, his brain is active (always thinking) hard to do things right, be like suspend- nangguh, being too choose and want the best, quick-tempered and quick cool down, like talking and debating, like was funny and joking, smart brain daydream, easy to make friends and good friends, who are very disciplined, good attitude, small tools liver, cold susceptible, like packing, fast feel bored, too choose and fussy behavior,about displaying emotions, heal the wounded hearts slow, like the brand-name goods, easy to executives, not self-control, anyone who praises the enemy, who is a friend of fiscal


attitude messy, romantic, affectionate, caring, love to make friends.


Very fun accompanied, more secretive and elusive, particularly men, quite quiet unless stimulated, there is price and dignity, not like the inconvenience of others, but not angry when disusahkan, easily persuaded, and talk straight, it's offending people, very friendly, emotionally very deep but easy to hurt her heart, soul sentimental, often bear a grudge, it's easy to forgive but hard to forget, do not like frivolous things, physically and mentally guide the way, very sensitive, caring, loving and caring, a similar treatment of all people, high-power sympathy, sharp observation, like evaluating other people through observation,easy and hard to learn, like the reflection of self, love megenangkan events or old friends, like silence, like sitting at home, like waiting for a friend but did not find a friend, not aggressive unless forced to, in terms of weak stomach, if not easy to control fat diet , have loved, easily wounded heart, but later recovered, too caring, diligent in work.


Like the joke, it's easy to captivity, humility, and caring for others, courage, and do not know fear, people are quite strict and civic leadership, good at persuading others, and be indulgent ego, the self-esteem is very high, hungry for praise, morale exceptional, quick-tempered and easy rampage, easily annoyed when cakapnya fought, very jealous, competitive, and careful observation of the sharp, quick thinking, independent thinking, like lead and led, the nature of love to dream, talented in art, entertainment and martial is very sensitive, but not easy to sulk, quickly overtaken by the disease, learn to relax,Very polite and tolerant, very carefully, thoroughly and regularly, like the fiscal mistakes of others and criticize, but quiet talk, the attitude is very cool, very kind and sympathetic, very caring and detail, trustworthy, loyal and honest, work very well done, very sensitive to the unknown, who many think, the force of good reasoning, brain   smart and easy to learn, like finding information, security is too critical of themselves, know how to encourage yourself, easy to understand others (feeling high power), many keep a secret, like sports, entertainment and travel, not showing his feelings, his wound is very long stored, so choose your spouse, things like large, systematic


Love to chat, like those who love it, love to take the middle way, is truly wonderful and well-mannered, beautiful outside and in, not good at lying and pretending, easy to feel sympathy, kindness, pentingkan friends, always friends, his easy but disturbed merajuknya Soon, quick-tempered, selfish self, do not help unless asked to, like the view from their own perspective, not like the received view of others, emotionally disturbed simple, love to dream and talk, emotional panic, foreboding force is so strong (especially women) love to travel, literary and artistic, loving, caring and gentle,romantic in love, easily disturbed and jealous heart, take care of others, like the events outside the fair, wasteful, and easily influenced by environment, broken spirit.




a very sharp brain, smart drive yourself, do not like compliments, the strength of spirit and a very high power struggle when trying to be a successful, tough body, love and deeply emotional, romantic, not sure of the relationship of love , like sitting at home, very hard working and highly skilled, trustworthy, honest, loyal and clever secrecy, not so successful in controlling emotions, ambitious, predictable behavior and can not easily change


Many ideas, or difficult to understand his attitude dimengertikan, forward thinking, smart thinking and a unique, full of new ideas, events, sharp thoughts, force feeling very fine and high, great to be a doctor, carefully and thoroughly, personality dynamic characteristics of secrecy, good grub and find a secret, a lot of thought, not speaking but friendly, courageous, generous, loyal and a lot of patience, too stubborn and tough-minded, if want something, run to succeed, do not like angry unless compromised, take it easy care for others, good at self-reflection, the way other people think,
    Very loyal and generous, are patriotic, very active in games and interaction with others, less patient attitude and in a hurry, ambitious, love to be influential in the organization, was accompanied by fun, love to mix with people, love to be praised, given the attention and love to indulge, it's honest, trustworthy and tolerant, not good at pretending, irritability, behavior change, not self-esteem is very high even in captivity like the joke hate, was funny and clever thinking with logic