Wednesday, June 2, 2010

interesting info

Apple help reduce migraines.
can help the migraine patient. This is because green apple aroma is said to have a smell that can generate a good mood to the patients. So, the tension willand ALCOHOL. 

According to Alan Hirsh, director of The Taste Research Foundation in Chicago, apple green Lost and migraine can be reduced. Proved to have significant influence odor to humans but smell is 90% of new senses.

Vitamin C is highly nutritious. But of course many of you who do not know that smokers need more vitamin c than those non-smokers.air-polluted areas also need vitamin c. 
SLEEP pills bring death. 
  They need at least 50 milligrams of vitamin c for each cigarette that sucked. In fact, alcohol drinker, and people living in DISEASE. 
All this time you must have often heard how dangerous sugar indictment against Various ways have you done to overcome the difficult nights. Lastly you use sleep medications. You should be careful to use sleep medicines for some sleep medications can be killed because of the content in it than kafeine the amount contained in a cup of coffee! So, first check the contents of the material before you try! Moreover, many more ways can you use such as reading a book before bedtime. When the eyes tired, sleepy you more easily.

SUGAR did not cause
A study made by A researcher from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, William Clay STRAWBERI.
Buah-buahan shows that it is more important for children to obtain treatment fluoride and proper oral care to prevent them from taking sugar.

man. It is said to cause diabetes, heart disease and so on. But in fact the disease is caused by the rate of calories in the body, lifestyle and ethnicity and not just because of the sugar! In fact, the claim that children's tooth decay because the sugar is still not prove.Advantages it can help improve self-confidence and make you feel more protected. Unlike you, the less the rate of hormone will be 'bad mood' and difficult to control her feelings.

MEN could easily
 have a heart attack! Various types and sizes of butterflies can be found in our country. Perhaps many of you who do not know what type of the largest butterfly in our country? Butterfly Atlas of the size of 77.28cm is the largest in the country ours. Suma However it can live only about a week for not able to eat any food because it has no mouth. How strange state!

Take advantage PRESSURE. Certainly everyone has experienced tension and stressful time (stress). It was not fun. It is actually a little pressure can be beneficial to you. According to a study conducted in the United States, your brain will produce a hormone 'cortisol' When you are under pressure helps a lot, including a strawberry. The fruit is really a lot keistmewaannya because it is rich in vitamins and sweet-sour taste that makes it hit. But Did you know that strawberries can also self-rule makes you sexy, just the smell aroma only! A study of held in the United States has shown that only men can be tempted by the smell strawberry donuts. Hebatkan penangan strawberries!

Largest butterfly. 
Heart disease, would you fear to hear. In a study conducted by experts on sex which have a high risk of heart disease in our country, men over the age of 30 years was the highest disease heart failure patients. The woman is said to be difficult for disease because of excess hormones in the body. But does not mean that women do not get high blood pressure, women are also to be just a little late.

susceptibility to cancer. Do you suffer from cancer more easily by a black man. This was evident when a study found that black men are more vulnerable to breast cancer is the number of 14 persons per 1 million, while light-skinned man is the eighth person for each 1 million.