Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Frequently Asked word Women Like Use

 This is it that women like to use to stop a fight, especially if he think he is right and you have to keep quiet. Never use the word time to give it looks, especially when he is trying to dress in stores - only takes you two fight.


This is half an hour. It is the same jugak with five minutes of soccer will end before you take your trash out, so this is a balanced exchange.

This means "something" and you should beware! This word represents the feelings of women who want to spin-spin you like Cat in the washing machine. Usually, this will start a fight that will last for 'FIVE MINUTES' and ends with 'FINE'.
Go! (With eyebrows lifted) 

Again, this is not the word. 'Lamented the slow' to mean that he feels satisfied. It is better if you sit quietly, do not make any action ... and he will remain happy.
Okay KOH 

This is not a word, but the reality is often mistaken by men. 'INTO THE sigh' means she feels you are a fool then, and she thought he spent kenapalah stand there and fight the 'Jap SUCH.

Lamented the slow 

This is a challenge that would make the woman became angry with the 'Jap SUCH' and ends with 'FINE'. Go (with normal eyebrows) This means' give way 'or' je la do what you want because I do not mind. " You will only get this situation and in a few minutes followed by a 'Jap SUCH', 'FINE' and he'll talk back to you in time 'FIVE MINUTES' when he was already cold.
At one point in the future in the near future, you'll hit a big problem.
This is the most dangerous statements a woman can do to men. 'Okay Koh' means that he wants to think long before he responded to your actions that have hurt her. 'Okay IT' is often used by 'FINE' with 'Trim
Are lifted.


This is not true, but the invitation. A woman gives you the opportunity to remove any excuse or reason for what you do. You have a fair chance with the honesty, so be careful and you will not get 'Okay KOH.

A woman thanked. Do not faint. Thank and say together.

This is much different from 'THANK YOU'. A woman will use when he was already too angry at you. This shows that you have feelings and offending will be followed by "a strong sigh. Be careful not to ask what is wrong after the "complain THAT INTO 'as this will only make him say' Jap SUCH.